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ViePHOTO Warming Up - Exhibition Ranko Djurovic

  • Galerie LIK 9 Spittelberggasse Wien, Wien, 1070 Austria (Karte)
Foto: Ranko Djurovic

Foto: Ranko Djurovic

Wir laden Sie herzlich zur Eröffnung der Ausstellung am Freitag, den 10. Mai um 19:00 in die Galerie LIK ein.

Bitte registrieren Sie sich für die Gästeliste. https://www.eventbrite.de/e/vernissage-photographic-work-of-ranko-djurovic-tickets-59263637134

Die Details zur Ausstellung finden Sie hier: https://www.galerie-lik.com/10052019-ranko-djurovic

Galerie LIK

Spittelberggasse 9

1070 Wien

Word of the author Ranko Djurovic:

When people ask me where my inspiration is coming from, I tell them: I don’t find the motives of my photos, they find me. And when they do, I seek the stories in the people and try to capture them, true to the bone. I prefer spontaneous photography above all other.

Lately, I am starting to explore simplicity and minimalism - although previously I could not imagine a photo without the presence of people.

Through my photographs, I want to depict the truth in all its purity. I want to show the hidden and unexpected beauty in people, places and actions. 

Der Fotokünstler Ranko Djurovic

Der Fotokünstler Ranko Djurovic

Späteres Event: 23. Mai
Grenzland Fotoausstellung